The Morgan Pride Scholarship is available to North and Central New Jersey residents enrolled at Morgan State University who have demonstrated academic achievement and need financial support in pursuit of their Bachelor’s Degree.

Application Process

The scholarship provides money to assist students with the educational costs of attending Morgan State University.

To be eligible one must be:

A current Morgan State student
Classification: Sophomore or higher
Have a GPA of 2.75 or higher
Have graduated from a New Jersey high school and be a current resident of North or Central New Jersey

To apply, please follow these instructions through the “Academic Works” application:

Go to

Highlight over the tab labeled “Admissions”, located under the Morgan State Univ. logo on the main page
Under the Admissions tab, click the tab labeled “Financial Aid
Located under the “Additional Links” section on the right side of the web page, click the “MSU Institutional Aid” link corresponding to the current semester, which will lead you to the general application.

Or simply go to the Academic Works link:

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